What Every Indian Fan Goes Through After Losing a Big Final

India and Pakistan played not one, but two high intensity games during the Champions Trophy. While India won the first encounter in a bit of a no contest, Pakistan returned the favour by handing India a humbling defeat in the final to lift the cup. Before the match began, a lot was said on social media, including some unbecoming behaviour by former players Virender Sehwag and Rashid Latif. If the political tension between the two countries wasn’t already enough, this match added fuel to the fire to the age old rivalry.

Here are all the emotions an Indian fan goes through after losing such big games.

1. Your family members think they are on their way to becoming the next Harsha Bhogle and just can’t stop commentating when Kohli gets out for a duck.

2. Out of the blue, hockey becomes a sport of keen interest and you try to convince yourself that India’s win in hockey is an event to celebrate.

3.  After the first few overs of the Indian innings, you had to desperately go back to your Twitter timeline and delete your Baap baap hota hai tweet from a few days ago.

4. You have intense debates on your Facebook status which, by the way, you posted purely to vent out your frustration.

5.  And then you come up with thoughts like India gifted Pakistan the Champions Trophy to celebrate Father’s day. But you, of all people, know just how ridiculous that sounds.

6. Although this was your worst nightmare, you had to prepare for this outcome, just in case. And so, the best excuse you can come up with is ‘cricket is the ultimate winner’ – you know it’s the best way to avoid any trouble.

7. But really, deep down, you want to beat down all the Kohli haters on social media with a pillow case full of dead batteries.

8. And then you woke up this morning, and realised how idiotic it is to get involved in the brouhaha of one cricket match which perhaps has zero impact on your life.


The loss against Pakistan was yet another instance when Indians just couldn’t digest defeat in a cricket match. The fact that they lost to Pakistan hurt them even more. At the end of the day, it was just a game of cricket that was unfortunately marred by unwarranted hatred. Maybe it is time we learned to be gracious in defeat and got rid of the false notion that hating the Pakistan cricket team amounts to patriotism towards India.