What Every Girl Is Going Through Right Now After The IPL

Now that the IPL is over, every girl’s biggest nightmare has come to an end. Well, we say it has come to an end, but guess what’s right around the corner? That’s right, the Champions Trophy.

Just like we were all happy to say goodbye to Arnab Goswami on Times Now, he came back on our screens louder than ever. The Champions Trophy sneaking up right after the IPL is giving ladies all the same feelings.

Here is what every girl is going through right now…

You’re finally done with the classic ‘remote control arguments’. All that plastic wrap our mothers put on the remote control five years ago is slowly degrading. But you’re not sure if you should be happy that the ‘remote arguments’ are over, or if you have to sit through another lecture on the very expensive cling film that your mother buys for 80 Rs. Either way, it’s tough.

We’ve watched enough of Mrs Ambani, Preity Zinta and the cheerleaders. Now it’s time for the real deal! Finally, you can sit back and watch TV at its best – Kim Kardashian choosing between a ten thousand dollar dress or eleven thousand dollar dress. You can finally keep up with the Kardashians!

Remember those days when you were sitting at your office table wondering why everyone was discussing Dhoni’s performance with the Supergiant (yes, it’s so bad, that you even know they changed their name to Supergiant)?

Did you go through what Donald Trump goes through during every executive meeting?

Now there is literally no excuse on the planet for bae not to meet up with you. Except for the Champions Trophy, and the football, and the tennis.

Oh wait, maybe there is.

All those IPL games on TV meant that you would just sit on the couch and ponder about your future – especially if your boyfriend is your childhood friend, from a different caste and does not have an engineering degree.

But now, that’s finally over…

But now your dad isn’t engrossed in the IPL or trying out new Baba Ramdev products he finds on TV ads. With a much-needed new hobby, your Dad finds you a long list of boys from shaadi.com for a potential match-up. So you find an escape route and figure out an excuse to find a new degree after your bachelor’s, Masters and PhD.

Not only do you have to worry about the cling film, bae, the French Open and your Dad’s obsession with getting you married to a stranger – you also have to worry about the Champions Trophy that will consume your life for the next three weeks.