The Uninvited Cricket Fan

We all have that annoying friend, girlfriend or auntie who doesn’t even follow cricket, but they will come over to watch any exciting match at your place anyway.

Despite their lack of knowledge for the sport, they will somehow get through any match with their shenanigans.

1. They will always put on a charade just to be as excited as you are.

2.  Even if they have to beg, they will ask for your Wi-Fi password to distract themselves from the severe boredom of the match.

3. While everybody is celebrating a six, they try to find the words to describe their ‘excitement’:

4. Just when they thought the match was over, they find out that it’s a 50 over match and not a 20 over match like they initially thought.

5. All their attention is concentrated towards the snacks on the table.

6. When you ask them for their opinion, and you put them in a really awkward spot.

7. Three hours in, when they realize they’re only halfway through:

8. And when the time finally comes for them to leave, you just can’t control yourself!



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