Thursday, May 24, 2018
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TimeChor welcomes submissions from any writer, photographer, graphic designer, cartoonist, film maker, musician, podcaster, or other internet creator, regardless of experience or publication history. Send us your proposal by email; if your idea is appealing, we will surely reply.

Topics of interest

Popular culture: social issues, trends, developments.

Media: critical writing on film, television, music, print, art.

Investigative journalism: politics, environment, education, business, government.

Current events:local, regional, national, international and global happenings with a wider perspective.

Travel: first-hand experiences on actual excursions.

Science & Technology: where we've been, where we're going, how we'll get there, and what it may signify for us.

Sports: Team and individual competitions, always with an emphasis on insight, and in-depth, unbiased analysis

Interviews: views and experiences of knowledgable, accomplished individuals and organisations in any field.

Editorial Policy

Kill BuzzFeed, destroy click-bait, introduce journalism of high standard on social media

Provide an accessible outlet for thoughtful reporting, analysis, ideas, and creativity

Encourage amateur writers of all age groups to find their voices while developing journalistic techniques, integrity, and ethics.

Suggested article length: 300-500 words.

The longer it is, the more compelling it has to be.

This is a British company, for British English.

TimeChor has no money, no paid staff, and accepts only pro bono submissions.

In return, we offer instruction, feedback, and a showcase for developing your skills.

Send submissions to with no more than a 25-word introductory bio, and optionally links to samples of your work.

Wait for a reply.

If you receive no reply, please take that as 'thanks, but no thanks' - it may be that we have done or are planning something similar, have the resources we need in that area, or are simply too busy right now. Be patient!