Logan Review: An Emotional and Hard Hitting Send-off for the Immortal Superhero

The X-Men franchise has seen its ups and downs. Many characters have come and gone. But there was one character that most fans loved the most; The Wolverine.

Wolverine is known for his sheer power, brutality, and rebellious attitude. Australian actor Hugh Jackman carried the role brilliantly for seventeen years in such a way that it is very difficult to imagine any other actor filling his shoes. Yet all good things must end and his character finally signs off in the just released film Logan.

With recent X-Men movies being completely revamped with different timelines and new characters, it was time to let old characters go. Hugh Jackman’s age and recent health issues also made him feel that he wouldn’t be able to give his best in the coming years. Here he teams up with James Mangold, director of the 2013 film ‘The Wolverine’, to give the best possible send-off with the intense and emotional Logan.

The previous Wolverine movies ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, and ‘The Wolverine’, were not critics’ favourites, nor did they create much havoc at the box office. After being slammed by the critics and some fans for his previous Wolverine venture, Director James Mangold gives us the best Wolverine this time. Being the first R-rated movie of the X-Men franchise, Logan justifies its rating in every possible way. The frustrated Logan and Professor X do not shy away from cursing. The action sequences are raw and not heavily dependent on CGI. The film neatly captures the emotional and physical hardship of Logan as he battles through his inner self and external evils while feeling the responsibility of doing what’s right. The movie is not about the mutant Wolverine, but rather the human Logan, which makes it both different from and superior to the rest of Wolverine’s films.

Logan is set in the year 2029. The timeline follows events after X-Men: Days of Future Past. Mutants are having a tough time surviving, and the Logan’s powers are wearing off. He is living an isolated and disastrous life as a limousine driver, while also looking after Professor X whose health has worsened. The tone is gloomy and dark.

Logan is approached by a lady who seeks help to protect Laura, a ‘special’ kid who is being pursued by the evil organization Transigen. Laura is part of their experiment. Circumstances bring Logan and her together as they escape along with Professor X, and Logan slowly learns a dark and bitter truth. What follows are some raw, hard-core action sequences, brilliant performances, and a scintillating climax.

The film revolves around Logan, Laura, and Professor X, and their unexpected journey together. An ageing Hugh Jackman fits the role. The character of Wolverine gave him his fame in Hollywood, and he makes sure to do it justice one last time. Fans are bound to experience mixed emotions watching Logan putting on his reading glasses, but there are also many action sequences which remind us of the Wolverine of old. Patrick Stewart as a tired and unstable Professor X also gives his best.

The movie has its funny moments thanks to the brilliant chemistry between Logan and Professor X. It almost feels nostalgic watching them arguing over little things and nagging each other, but it is the young Dafne Keen who is the show stealer with her portrayal of Laura, whose actions speak more than words. The sequences with her and Logan fighting together are jaw-dropping.

Logan is the perfect ending to one of the great legendary characters of recent times. The only catch is that this film is very violent and not at all recommended for younger kids. Logan is an action-packed emotional ride, whether you are an X-Men fan or not. I walked away with a heavy heart, as I expect most of you will.