Hello, Kardinia Park!

Kardinia Park, or popular known as the Simonds Stadium in Australia, is in the process of creating history while you read this, as it holds its first International cricket game, making its debut on the world cricketing arena.

Primarily home to the hugely successful and loyally supported Geelong Football Club, the city of Geelong is exploring new horizons by taking on the challenge to host the highest level of cricket on a ground with shorter boundaries to deal with square of the wicket.
Here are some more facts on the newest entry among the club of international cricket stadiums:

– Because it was never developed as a cricket ground, the drop-in pitch was laid off-centre on a northeast to southwest angle, going against the traditional goalpost-to-goalpost angle.

– This is only the second non state capital venue in Australia to host an international cricket match, after Cairns did so in 2003-04 during the southern winter.

– The stadium has never been short of sporting action though, as it has hosted many football league matches, including the Australian Football League (AFL).

– The stadium’s current capacity is 27,000 but will soon accommodate 36,000 fans after the construction of the Grand Stand is completed.

– Kardinia Park was also a part of the 2022 Football World Cup bid, but the bid was lost out to Qatar.

– Dalai Lama has also visited the Park, twice. Once in 2002 and then again in 2007.

– The last time Kardinia Park hosted a noted cricket game was a warm-up match between the Big Bash teams from Melbourne, the Stars and the Renegades in late 2015.

– Since it is just an hour’s drive from the city of Melbourne, and the city of Geelong boasts a population of 200,000; the officials expect huge turnouts for the cricket games that will be scheduled for stadium in the future.

Kardinia Park, and Geelong, is an integral part of the Australian football history and folklore. And now they seem set to let one more sport to be a part of its city and its people with each passing minute of the T20 international between Australia and Sri Lanka.