Jolly LLB 2 – TimeChor Movie Review

TimeChor Rating : 4/5

Jolly LLB 2 is what you get when a director tries to focus on serious issues like terrorism, corruption and judicial system of the country with a mixture of a satirical plot. It is never easy for a serious courtroom satire that revolves around the austere reality of fake encounters to stick to a style steeped in wit but again, this is what Akshay Kumar’s movies are known for.

Jagdishwar Mishra, aka Jolly, played by Akshay Kumar, is a fraudulent lawyer in the start of his career who knows how to play with the judiciary system. He is a typical Kanpur guy struggling to have his own chamber in the Lucknow court and aspiring to make it big in his profession. Jolly practices under a noted lawyer of the city and is eagerly waiting for an oppurtunity to show his worth. He finally gets his first case by lying to Hina Siddiqui, a pregnant woman fighting for her husband who was killed in a fake encounter. Hina learns about Jolly being a fraud and commits suicide and it is only after this, that Jolly realises his mistake and is determined to fight her case, out of contrition perhaps.

This is when the hotshot lawyer of the city comes into the plot. He is the most expensive and powerful lawyer who never misses any opportunity to laugh on Jolly’s shambles and failing career. Saurabh Shukla repeats his role of a judge which he played in the prequel, Jolly LLB. He completely owns his part as a chilled judge who knows how things happen in court. He is taking his time to settle and get used to the new court and city, Lucknow. Saurabh Shukla has delivered the best one liners throughout the movie and has highly justified his role and expectations that aroused from the prequel.

The second half is filled with courtroom drama where Akshay is lecturing on serious issues in court on various dates, and Annu Kapoor is desperately trying to conclude the case, and Shukla has his frequent witty conversations with both the lawyers. While the establishment of the plot takes too much time in the first half, the second half catches the right pace and makes sure that the twists don’t get too predictable and boring.

Comparing it with its 2013 prequel, the plot is a bit weaker as it lacks frequent surprise elements that the prequel was successful in displaying. The songs in the movie are forced and add nothing to the already well written and directed movie. Since this is an Akshay starrer, the director has also tried to add some action sequences where Jolly is dodging bullets across cities which were not very necessary and the plot did not need that – it just disrupts the mood of the narrative.

Akshay Kumar’s adaptation to the Bhaukal and Kanpuria accent is worth appreciation. Although there are some directorial faults in the movie, the director, Subash Kapoor must be praised for not allowing the presence of a big star disturb the storyline and the narrative. Even if Jolly LLB 2 is based on the same format of its prequel and the end being rather predictable, it has done better than the former in some areas. The dialogues of Saurabh Shukla, Akshay Kumar and Annu Kapoor keep the viewers engaged and the supportive starcast doesn’t disappoint too. Akshay Kumar and Subash Kapoor have just done a new experiment by releasing a comedy movie with no smell of romance this valentine’s week. This may be the start of a new trend perhaps?