Five Reasons Why Patanjali Is Surprisingly Successful.

Ramdev Baba and his beloved Patanjali are definitely the talk of the town this season, and you may ridicule him for his antics or write him off as a one hit wonder, but you cannot ignore the ever-growing 2000 Cr brand  that is staring right in your face.

1. Knowledge is power:
Right from the factory worker to Baba himself, everyone is aware about the products. Interestingly, you stand a better chance of getting a job here if you an expert in Bio-science or Ayurveda rather that an IIM graduate top of his class.

2. Swag mera Desi:
With Narendra Modi’s ‘make in India’ initiative, Patanjali sure gets a thumbs up for taking everything Indian, right from ingredients to workers and making something that is resonates with our culture in a contemporary sense. No wonder, after a success in Indian markets, Patanjali has its eyes on the international market.

3. Aur dikhao, aur dikhao!
Indians love their varieties and options to choose from, and Patanjali boasts of the most diversified folio from toothpastes to instant noodles. Now who wouldn’t mind getting everything in one place?

4. Who needs ads anyway?
Do you ever recall seeing any sorts of advertisements of Patanjali? It wasn’t until last year that Patanjali allocated money for advertising, that too quite meager when compared to the brands in competition. With Ramdev Baba subtly telling his 500 thousand followers about the products for free and the not too fancy packaging of the same that the cost of the products is less than their competition by a whopping 30%.

5. Connecting back to the roots:
Finally, and probably the most important thing to learn, Ramdev Baba promotes Patanjali in not only English but in Hindi too via social media and his Yoga channel, tapping into a 12 million audience who speak primarily in that language.