This is What a Conversation Between Dhoni and Raina Probably Looks Like…

MS Dhoni: Hi Raina

Suresh Raina: Skipper! What an incredible innings you played against Sunrisers.

MSD: Thanks Raina, you too! What an innings to beat KKR at Eden Gardens!

SR: Shame we aren’t playing together anymore. Let’s get the team back together; I’ll bring Jaddu and Bravo 😉

MSD: But you’re captain now! And Bravo and Ashwin are out.

SR: It’s fine! We made the team anyway. We can be the Rising Pune Lions, or the Gujarat Super Giants.

MSD: Raina it’s Giant, we are one big Giant.

SR: OH I have a better idea sir. Let’s get Virat in too. We can be the Indian Lions or the Rising Indian SupergianT, singular, happy?

MSD: Haha. It may be good for Virat, he’s not doing very well with RCB at the moment… They lost to the lions.

SR: Hey! We played very well that game thank you. Didn’t you see Jaddu run out AB? We’re coming for your place in the play-offs next!

MSD: Haha! Good luck with that. Delhi are more likely to make it than you. Can you believe that was the ninth time AB has been run out in the IPL? Considering how quick he moves in the field he hasn’t done so well between the wickets.

SR: Not when those daredevils are dropping Gambhir on 19. Did you see that? The ball fell within arms-reach of two of them and neither of them went for it. They could have had that game! 60+ dropped catches so far this IPL? I think something strange is going on here. This tournament is supposed to be the best of the best coming together to play.

MSD: They could have. Uthappa was playing very well that game too though so who knows – this is the fourth time those two have put on a 100-run partnership. True but it’s not easy to play with a team who hasn’t had the same XI for the past 28 matches! I think there’s too much going on at the games it’s so hard to keep focussed in such an intense tournament.

SR: Sunrisers don’t seem to be having too many issues with focus. Did you see, their second 200+ score this game. I think Warner likes the Kings XI bowlers, this was his sixth consecutive 50 against them.

MSD: I think everyone likes the Kings XI bowlers, they’ve conceded 200+ runs on 13 occasions. Hey do you think this BCCI fuss is just a ploy to wait until the IPL is over to see who to pick in the squad?

SR: I hope so, no way will they pull us out. Sanju Samson has been playing very well this season too, he scored 100 and is in the top 10 now after that 60 against KKR. I think it’s time India put some younger players in the squad in preparation for the World Cup in 2019. With me of course; I will be the old, wise, experienced one.

MSD: Old indeed, no arguments there.

SR: Oh ha ha bye.