How Every Sports Fan Reacts When Their Team Wins A Big Game

IPL fans have sacrificed their life and soul to watch every single game of the team they support, some indulge into the spirit of cricket so much that it can be uncomfortable to be present in their vicinity during any game. For such fans, their favorite team winning a big game is no less than a feast and their emotions see no boundary when it comes to celebration.

1. We all have that embarrassing celebratory dance that we have to do in private because it’s just so…

2. When you’re trolling the losing team and the internet connection goes down:

3. Watching your favourite player hit an outrageous shot just proves your point to all the haters…


4. When your girlfriend asks you if watching your team win the tournament would be the happiest day of your life:

5. You’re totally broke, you hate your job, and you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you, but it doesn’t matter…

6. When the game is yours to lose:

7. When your team wins and you try to act casual with your boss who supports the losing team:






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