The Best Camera Phones Under 15K In The Market Right Now

Ever since the introduction of smartphones last decade, it’s all anybody needs and every leading mobile phone company has tried to get a share of the pie.

The competition has been intense with the customers being the winners ultimately. If you look at the growth of smartphones carefully, you will notice certain patterns. Initially, the trend was to build a big screen phone, then came the specifications war and that was followed by slimming of phones and using premium materials to make them look aesthetically pleasing.

Today, we can even find phones that are being marketed as alternatives to digital cameras. The focus on the photo-shooting capabilities of smartphones is so high, that we have a leading brand calling their phones as ‘camera phones’. The advent of sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. only helps in encourage people to use their phone cameras frequently.

Here we have a look at the best camera phones under Rs.15000 available in India today.

Asus Zenphone 2 Laser


The Asus Zenphone 2 Laser is available in two variants costing Rs.9000 and Rs.12000 on Flipkart.

It is equipped with a 13MP camera at the back while a 5MP shooter takes care of your selfie needs. The rear camera uses sensors made by Toshiba, and sports a f/2.0 aperture.

As the name suggests, we have the laser auto-focus which helps in focussing on objects faster. The camera app also provides a lot of manual controls to play around with. However in low light shots, you’ll notice a lot of noise. Despite this, it is still one of the better camera phones you will get in this price range.

The front camera uses a 5MP resolution with f/2.0 aperture.

Samsung Galaxy J7


Samsung recently announced the Galaxy J7 in India. With the J7, Samsung aims to bring a premium camera experience to the budget category.

The J7 features a 13MP sensor at the rear which is a favourite in this category. Impressively, the J7 gets f/2.0 aperture which is same as the Galaxy S6. The camera app also gets pro mode to tinker with the settings, however it is not as vivid as those on the flagships.

The noise levels are fairly low. However the camera does tend to overexpose highlights and the pictures can lack sharpness at times. This comes as a let down from Samsung which has a reputation for good camera phones. It is worth mentioning that the front 5MP camera comes with a dedicated flash, which is of great use for selfies in those low light areas.

Motorola G4 Plus


The recently launched Moto G4 Plus is an improvement of many sorts over it’s predecessor. It sports a 5.5 inch FHD display, while the fingerprint sensor makes its debut on the G series.

It holds a rather generous 16MP camera at the back, which is something new in this segment. It is aided by phase detection & laser autofocus and dual led flash.

Surprisingly, the camera app offers a professional mode where you can change the ISO, aperture and white balance settings as well. The only place where the G4 Plus disappoints is in low lights as the picture may lack detail. However, barring that one thing, this is clearly one of the best cameras you will get on a phone in this price range. The front snapper is 5MP and the shots are clear and crisp.

Xiaomi Mi 4i


The Xiaomi Mi 4i has been the best camera phone in the mid-range category for quite some time now. It has a 13MP shooter at the rear with f/2.0 aperture and dual tone led flash.

On the front is a 5MP camera which takes some really sharp and clear selfies. Now while the specifications do look a bit outdated when compared to the more recently launched Samsung Galaxy J7 and Moto G4 Plus, the Xiaomi Mi 4i still gives them a run for their money.

The HDR mode does add further detail to them, making them look flagship-level. Xiaomi’s camera app has always been one of the more simple ones around, giving enough options to keep photographers interested. Small things like being able to adjust the exposure using the focus ring make it a beautiful experience. The low light performance isn’t something you want to compare with the flagships, but it is one of the bests in this price range. There isn’t much noise and images do not look blown away.

To conclude, I will still stay the Mi 4i is the best budget camera phone in the Indian market today.