8 Struggles That Every Girl Who Loves Cricket Can Relate To

There are hundreds of memes and jokes made during IPL seasons to show how girls get exasperated with cricket and IPL – but not all girls detest cricket. There are girls who enjoy the massive sixes and energetic crowd cheering. This one’s for all those cricket loving girls.

1. When people think you’re only watching because you have a major crush on Kohli.

2. When people assume this will happen when you get bowled out:

3. When you have something insightful to say, but nobody wants to hear you out:

4. When you’re playing against guys and they all applaud if you manage to bowl one straight ball…..even if it’s at 45mph:

5. When you take a wicket, it’s important to compose yourself:

6. When guys on the pitch try to hit on you and make you feel really uncomfortable:

7. Telling your Mum you chose cricket over the Bharatnatyam class she signed you up for raises the question of your existence on this planet:

8. That awkward moment when you’re watching the game with a bunch of guys and they high five the wrong part of your body: